IRA Apprenticeship Compliance!

February 6, 2023

DSPTCH, the premier renewable labor services marketplace, field service management tool, is proud to unveil its new apprenticeship marketplace. This innovative new platform is designed to help service companies, OEMs, asset owners, tax equity partners, auditors, construction companies, contractors, and EPCs manage compliance with the inflation reduction act's apprenticeship requirements.

The Inflation Reduction Act requires that companies and contractors that participate in the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Production Tax Credit (PTC) programs must have a minimum number of apprentices relative to total employees to qualify and maximize tax credits. DSPTCH's new marketplace makes it easy for them to connect with talent, reach out to a large network of Apprenticeship programs, and minimize the time spent coordinating.

The marketplace allows companies to request apprentices from a wide pool of apprenticeship programs, to help rapidly increase apprentice hires and ensure good-faith compliance documentation. These initiatives make it easier than ever to hire, train, and find apprentices for major projects.

The marketplace helps to ensure that your ITC and PTC tax credit Apprenticeship qualification and compliance requirements are well documented. Moreover, through DSPTCH's broader job and coordination platform, companies can easily connect with their sub-contractors, vendors, and partners to real-time report on apprenticeship numbers and total workforce size to determine their hiring and growth needs. Never before has a single tool been so instrumental in coordinating compliance across multiple operators.

Additionally, this marketplace creates a wonderful way for folks to enter the industry and be connected with great apprenticeship job opportunities across many of the largest employers in the industry. The apprenticeship market is a great way to bridge the gap between the workforce and the industry, it also provides a great way for individuals to gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience.

Reducing the barriers to entry and democratizing the hiring and discovery process across the renewables industry is vital to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion. This marketplace will help connect with new programs and apprenticeship programs from non-traditional backgrounds, veterans re-entering the workforce, disadvantaged communities, rural areas, and providers that weren't otherwise within your traditional hiring network.

In conclusion, DSPTCH's new apprenticeship marketplace is a game-changer for the renewable energy industry. It makes it easy for companies to comply with the Inflation Reduction Act's apprenticeship requirements, helps improve diversity and entry into the workforce, and increases the number of apprentices in the industry. This marketplace is a win-win for everyone involved, it will help companies to be compliant and make it easy for people to start a new career in the renewable energy industry!

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