3S Lift and DSPTCH partner to Empower Wind Turbine Technicians with working at heights Installation Data

April 21, 2024

3S Lift, the industry-leading provider of the ladder mounted Climb Auto System (CAS), has formed a groundbreaking partnership with DSPTCH, the fastest growing application for renewable field services.

The partnership combines 3S Lift’s innovative wind turbine lift systems and DSPTCH's cutting-edge app designed for efficient and streamlined field services in the renewable energy sector.

As part of this collaboration, 3S Lift’s CAS installation data and location of over 11,000 systems has been directly integrated into the DSPTCH app, empowering technicians with insightful and actionable information. With this partnership, when working on turbines with installed 3S Lift CAS, technicians can ensure prior to arriving on site that they have the correct gear, certifications, and preparation necessary to effectively utilize the 3S CAS system, as well as benefit their health and safety by eliminating climbing a ladder upward of 300 feet.

Gio Scialdone, President at 3S Lift Americas, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "This collaboration with DSPTCH aligns with our commitment to advancing technology solutions for wind turbine technicians. By providing technicians and operators with real-time, actionable data, we are enhancing safety, efficiency, and overall performance of wind farms."


DSPTCH Co-Founder, Alex Jones remarked "DSPTCH’s focus on building “Technology For Technicians” has allowed us to become the fastest-growing and most used renewable app. 3S Lift is a respected and beloved brand with remarkable products. This partnership is the sort of unique focus on technician productivity that has allowed DSPTCH to organically win users across every major renewable utility, asset owner, OEM, and service provider in the US and Canada.”

Both companies share a commitment to advancing innovative, technology-centric, and collaborative solutions to accelerate the clean energy transition by improving efficiency and asset uptime.

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