Future of Safe Work

February 6, 2023

We are thrilled to announce DSPTCH Navigation alongside the 2023 American Clean Power Operations, Maintenance and Safety conference. DSPTCH's guiding philosophy is to build technology for technicians. We believe we have a responsibility to build tools that help improve the lives of folks in the field and ensure they get home safely.

In 2021, transportation incidents were the largest source (38%) of OSHA workplace Fatalities. In reality, driving, is one of the most dangerous things we do. Year-after-year transportation incidents have claimed more than a third of all workplace fatalities. The non-fatal accident, lost-time, financial cost, and injury stats are just as concerning.

While we all understand the importance of avoiding distracted driving, as we worked shoulder-to-shoulder with technicians, we realized their experiences and driving conditions are often truly astonishing, frustrating, out-dated, and risky. We aren't talking about your typical drive to the office. The videos, photos, and conditions we've seen are unbelievable to most onlookers.

Even so, these are the conditions our boots-on-the-ground colleagues often experience, particularly in the solar, wind, and battery mega development region of Texas and New Mexico.

We believe we have a moral obligation to our colleagues, friends, family, and industry to take on radically large, audacious, and safety-centric initiatives with the full strength of our technical capabilities.

As we head into ACP OMS, we're reminded that safety takes commitment to doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. In that spirit, you don't need a credit card to download DSPTCH. We do not care if you have a competing logo on your hardhat. We want you to get home safely to your family.

We hope you will use DSPTCH to navigate to location, reduce distracted driving, and focus on the road ahead. Of course, we would love to hear about your experience and how we can help you, integrate with your operations, and work together. Feel free to reach out directly to our CTO Alex@dsptch.work

To contribute to this industry-wide ground-breaking initiative and keep your friends and colleagues safe, we invite you to submit site maps at https://dsptch.work/maps. We will use those to name assets, extend granularity, and improve DSPTCH.

While we do not condone folks taking photos or videos while driving, the content below is a small sampling of the conditions technicians, truckers, and colleagues face in the field. This isn't a far-flung distant world, the same wind that powers some of the largest turbines, also drives incredibly dangerous dust and sand storms. When coupled with the realities of oversized, heavy-haul, and time-sensitive loads, we have a "perfect storm" of compounding risk factors.

By digitizing 500k+ roads, mapping 600k+ assets, and contextualizing wind conditions, we've made a monumental leap forward in improving our operational safety. The capabilities we've developed will reduce distracted driving, avoid the need to pull up PDFs or printed maps, and ultimately enable tremendous improvements in productivity.

If you'd like to partner with us in evolving the industry for the better, driving productivity, and catapulting safety into the 21st century, reach out site@dsptch.work and visit us at ACP Booth 615 for a in-depth demo!

To all the technicians out there, this one is for you. Thanks.





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